What you need to know to be a Rochester Football and Cheer athlete

Attendance Policy
Being a teammate on a Rochester Football and Cheer squad requires a commitment. Every athlete is expected to attend every practice.  If any athlete incurs three (3) unexcused absences during the year, they are subject to dismissal from the team. Any athlete who misses two practices during the week will not participate in that week’s game.

Cheer Etiquette
Please remain in the stands during all games. Parents, family and friends are not allowed on the field unless they are issued a field pass to perform a volunteer activity such as chain gang.

Lifetime Achievement Awards 
Earned by each foot­ball player and cheerleader who has given 6 consecutive years of commitment, hard work and dedication (their full extent of eligibility during Jr Freshman, Freshman, Jr. Varsity, and Varsity years) to the Rochester Football and Cheer organization

Rochester Football and Cheer Time
One of the commitments we make is to be ready on time. We demonstrate this by operating on “Rochester Football and Cheer Time” which means we are ready to go 15 minutes before the required time.

Volunteer Obligations
This is a volunteer organization. Just as your athlete has to commit to being at practices and games, parents must commit to perform a specific number of volunteer activities. We cannot operate without everyone doing their part.